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Quit Dairy.

Now What? 



Why I Quit Dairy:

Hello! My name is Waybridge and I'm an artist who quit dairy years ago. Although I love the taste of "real" milk products, like ice-cream, cheese, and yogurt, I had no other choice but to let go of the white creamy liquid due to allergies and lactose intolerances i've had since I was a baby. Quitting dairy hasn't been easy because so many pre-packaged products, recipes, and restaurants add milk to almost all their foods. I've had to act as a guinea pig for a lot of dairy free products, restaurants and recipes to see if any of it taste as good as the real thing because fact is there is nothing like real cow's milk. BUT truth is I am glad to be NON-DAIRY for many GOOD and SMART reasons like these below:

  • Dairy products contribute significant amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat to the diet. (They make you fat!)

  • Consumption of dairy products has also been linked to higher risk for various cancers, especially to cancers of the reproductive system.

  • Milk contains contaminants that range from hormones to pesticides.

  • Insulin-dependent (type 1 or childhood-onset) diabetes is linked to consumption of dairy products in infancy.

  • Cows suffer in dairy farms :(

I Quit Dairy.
Now What?

Congratulations! Welcome to the sans-dairy world! You will begin to become leaner, healthier, and you are also taking part of a kinder cow environment which builds better world karma.

Luckily for us in this day in age, humans are becoming more and more conscious about the "UGLY" on dairy, so we are finally becoming available to a much wider variety of non-dairy foods, recipes, and restaurants.

In this VLOG, I will show you reviews on pre-packed products and on curated on-line recipes from other vegan or dairy free bloggers. Also, I will give you tours of my favorite sans-dairy restaurants and also of the unexplored non-dairy spots starting with my city: New York City. In my vlogs, since I am already dairy free, I also challenge myself by trying new vegan foods, to see if I can become 100% VEGAN. 

Some Topics Of My Vlog Entries:

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The Non-Dairy News Show

I really like the idea of reviewing non-dairy products with a panel of 3 artist. The game show quality of this segment of The Non-Dairy News show while having their 2 host really kept me interested in knowing more about the dairy free lifestyle.
— Blanca, Interior Designer & Mother
Beautiful women dressed in vintage clothing while cooking up brand new non-dairy recipes from popular bloggers - Can’t wait to tune in!
— Luis, Architect
I really like the idea of the host reviewing different non-dairy restaurants meanwhile trying vegan foods to challenge herself on becoming vegan. It’s a journey to become vegan, but she is giving it a try! It’s admirable.
— Vanessa, Banker.
I can’t wait to watch the fashion on the different segments of the show. I like how they have an 80’s inspired segment, a vintage segment, and then an urban segment. It’s fun!
— Gloria, HR of Vestaire Collective, Mother and Wife