Why You Should Quit Cow's Dairy Too

Not just because I say so….

Did you know that massively produced cow’s and goat’s dairy contains pus (somatic cells) and possibly blood? Let me tell you WHY and HOW: 

Mastitis (inflammation of the udder) is a major issue in dairy farming. It results in some of the dead cells, products of inflammation and white blood cells (these are called somatic cells but it essentially means pus) being excreted with milk. 

Somatic cells, more commonly known as pus cells, are counted in milk sold for human consumption as there are legal limits as to how much it can contain. Somatic cells are the white blood cells that are the defence against bacteria that invade the udder and can cause mastitis. Cow's milk can legally contain up to 400 million pus cells/litre. So one teaspoonful of milk can legally have two million pus cells!


Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

Calves are cute!

What about pus is in goats milk?

According to UFAW1, 65% of goat milk samples will have a cell count greater than 1,000 million cells per litre.

Now if this isn’t a good enough reason for you to quit cow’s  or goat’s dairy, then I have many more other reasons WHY I don’t drink animal’s dairy beside having milk allergies. 

Quitting Is A Process

Quitting animal’s milk is a process that is challenging, but oh so do-able nowadays with so many non-dairy products and plant based milk substitutes available and sold at your local super markets, via the world wide web, and we also have the option to make on your own lactose free substitutes easily since they tend to be from natural foods that taste and look like dairy AND that are no doubt healthier for your body. 

So, if you are ready to take on the challenge to quit dairy cold turkey or slowly, I will share with you on my next blog post an easy step by step plan to help you start getting in the non-dairy diet and lifestyle mode.

  1. Research THE FACTS on WHY dairy is scary.

  2. Be adventurous by tasting non-dairy products.

  3. Incorporate dairy free products into your own cooking. 

  4. Let the dairy-free restaurants inspire you on dishes.

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